Don’t Speak Now

Anybody, who’s doing creative work, might know this: Striving for perfection is deadly for creation. Among others this surely is a reason for our scarce output over the years. Being a thankful listener to Joe Gilder’s and Graham Cochrane’s “simply recording”-podcast I adopted an idea from Graham one month ago: The 30-days-challenge. Take your 30 days of time and after that release the track. So I undertook the challenge. Now that time is up, “Don’t Speak Now” is the result of the endeavor.

Prominent electric guitars and amp micing, playing electric bass and a complex song structure have been new approaches to making music and so the challenge was really one of a kind from time to time, because all of this was a premiere. But now that the 30 days are over, time has come for the release of “Don’t Speak Now”. Now listeners have to decide, if it’s a fail or not.

(As a bonus for our subscribers there’ll the chance to have a listen into the history of the song: Skipping through the provided mp3 you can journey through the growing of the song from its early stages to its final shape.)

“Don’t Speak Now” is released under a Creative-Commons-Licence.

Puk Protocol – Don’t Speak Now

Mar 7, 2016 @ 21:08

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