Don’t Speak Now

Anybody, who’s doing creative work, might know this: Striving for perfection is deadly for creation. Among others this surely is a reason for our scarce output over the years. Being a thankful listener to Joe Gilder’s and Graham Cochrane’s “simply recording”-podcast I adopted an idea from Graham one month ago: The 30-days-challenge. Take your 30 days of time and after that release the track. So I undertook the challenge. Now that time is up, “Don’t Speak Now” is the result of the endeavor.

Prominent electric guitars and amp micing, playing electric bass and a complex song structure have been new approaches to making music and so the challenge was really one of a kind from time to time, because all of this was a premiere. But now that the 30 days are over, time has come for the release of “Don’t Speak Now”. Now listeners have to decide, if it’s a fail or not.

(As a bonus for our subscribers there’ll the chance to have a listen into the history of the song: Skipping through the provided mp3 you can journey through the growing of the song from its early stages to its final shape.)

“Don’t Speak Now” is released under a Creative-Commons-Licence.

Puk Protocol – Don’t Speak Now

Mar 7, 2016 @ 21:08

In this Together

There’s never enough days in a week and none of those has enough hours. We’ve dedicated much of the remaining time to refine production and (playing) technique. Not much of the material that was created in this process is worth a release. We’ve decided – however – to present you with “In this Together”, which has been finished and just released on soundcloud. We hope you enjoy the track and that we’ll be louder in the forthcoming year.
We wish you all happy holidays and a healthy and productive year 2016!
All the best
Puk Protocol

Mar 7, 2016 @ 21:09

Puk Protocol’s first EP about to be released

We’ve been mixing back and forward over the last weeks, listening, tweaking, relistening… It’s time to go for it. So we’re proud to announce the release of Puk Protocol’s first EP on April 1st.
It will feature all four tracks that have been your favourites when you voted two years ago: Materialane, Try Again, Then She Said and Heavy Rain. We’ll provide mp3s of the songs in our soundcloud plus 44/24 uncompressed versions of the songs here.
And the best: The EP is going to be released for free under a creative commons licence. Further details will follow.

Stay tuned!


Mar 7, 2016 @ 21:09

Something’s going!

Yeah, something’s happening. We hope you all had a good, healthy and lucky start in 2015! Quite some time since we proudly announced the coming EP… Soooooome time and some more still…
Well, there’s the piece of music in our heads, which unfortunately doesn’t much resemble the original ideas or even evolves over time. And there’s all these hats we’re wearing: The producer’s, arranger’s, engineer’s hats etc. It’s such a great thing to be able to do things here that required mixing studios and big buck to realize some decades ago. But all that is worth nothing without experience and knowledge.
So. Yes, something’s going on. While Jan is revisiting arrangements and overall production right now, I’m digging myself into questions of mixing and sonic treatment. So I’m confident we will be able to deliver our EP in early Q2.

Take care!


Mar 7, 2016 @ 21:09

Modern Alchemy

There’s a new album out by “Syngularity”, the musical project by german based but internationally collaborating mastermind Pascal Gregory.
About then years ago „Days of Triumph“ roamed music site “”, which was back then well frequented and known. They hoped for worldwide acknowledgment and they found: a friend!
For some years a tradition was established, where Markus contributed sounds and vocals to tracks featured on Syngularity’s albums. Now that the new CD “Modern alchemy” is out, we’d like to revisit some of these past collaborations over the next weeks and present them to you.
First in line will be “Utopia”, which was the final track on “Utopean Dream – Part Two” back in 2005, final, well, because of its utopian positivity… perhaps. Background for the lyrics was Markus’ personal history back then as well as the state of the world in general, which led to question the concept of “Utopia” and “hope” in general. The answer to this can be listened to and downloaded in the soundcloud.


Mar 7, 2016 @ 21:10


So, autumn has been sneaking in over the last weeks. If not through the temperatures, I can feel it through the change of my musical taste: I’m listening to much “Dead can Dance” and “Anathema” lately, not quite the summer-tunes and unimaginable some weeks back.
I can see an analogy in your choices for our EP: Not the »different«, more danceable tracks we produced have got your votes, but more classic, thoughtful tunes. So be it! Thanks for taking part! Jan is already busy reviewing and reworking Heavy Rain, Try Again, Then she Said and Materialaine and I will join him there. Myself I’m still reconvalescent and enduring hoarseness doesn’t let me hit higher notes, so patience is still needed until I can get to my own homework.

All the best to you


Mar 7, 2016 @ 21:11

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